FASHION 101:Knowing your body type

Everybody talks about fashion, what to have, how to combine clothes, makeup, what’s trending and the must haves. However they don’t actually take into consideration, the first thing about fashion…which is knowing your body type and what suits you.


A fool in love

It felt like God had seen my heart and gifted me with my very own prince charming…

Suicide-the way out?

Although some countries do not criminalize suicide as they view suicide as a mental deficiency and ill state of the mind. However, the Nigerian law frowns at suicide and terms it a criminal offence whereby an unsuccessful attempt leads to a jail term of a year. 

Consequences: A Tale of Love gone wrong

Women should not take signs and warning of potential domestic violence with levity, be mindful of how he treats other people especially his workers and the less privileged. No matter how long a man plays the perfect gentleman, his true character will manifest one day. It is hard for anybody, man or woman, to pretend for long.

10 Reasons You Should Invest In Happiness

The day I realized that I could no longer do it- that I could no longer be slave to sadness, I decided to change my orientation entirely. It is not easy but you can choose to believe what you want to believe and most importantly making sure you have closure…

Happy New Month

Happy new month people! Here’s wishing you a wonderful month with God’s abundant blessings and protection, even better than last month. Cheers.