PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE : The unseen cruelty

“That outfit would have been better on you if it was blue, now you messed it up” “Just look at your dark lips, it looks disgusting,  check out my lips so pink though” “I know you always wanted a black piano, but I figure the white one is more lovely for the interior” “If you…


How do you feel when you are waiting on God for a breakthrough and it seems like God is “deliberately” holding back and even more painfully, not giving any reason? It seems as if there is a break in transmission and it gets harder to reach a consensus with God. As Christians, we are faced…


When your time feels slow and it seems everyone is getting ahead. Just remember Noah must have felt so. Abraham must have been there. Joseph must have thought same. David probably felt the same way. Hannah felt same. Bottom line is great things requires great time!


  I have always been the advocate for and president of easy life association – avoid pain and just thread on the easy path. I have always lived my life based on these principles. As at this day,  I can gallantly and assuredly say that pain is good. Pain is not meant to destroy or…

The Quintessential Woman

“She is a light that lights up everywhere whether with her smile, presence or action.” Selflessly rooted in worthiness and uprightness, always with good intentions. Irreproachable and scrupulous, I am commendable, honourable, admirable and laudable – I am rare. Precious and choice, solely incomparable, weigh beyond gold, treasured, extremely valuable, unquantifiable asset, of high quality…

Embrace your individuality: Rock that short hair.

Embrace your individuality: Rock that short hair. Photocredit Unsplash “The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. Jim Morrison” We all experience that perfection obsession syndrome once a while. We want what we want and do everything possible to get it. Sometimes we can get it and other times we…

Smart vs Intelligent

People often times use the word intelligent and smart interchangeably. As a matter of fact, there is a huge difference between an intelligent person and a smart person.


If You are in a place where negativity is the order of the day where all that happens is just bad news, bad reports, cold environment, hateful people even and you find yourself trying to hide your light instead of allowing your little light to shine, then it’s time you realize that place is changeable and you have to SHED. You have to move on.

FASHION 101:Knowing your body type

Everybody talks about fashion, what to have, how to combine clothes, makeup, what’s trending and the must haves. However they don’t actually take into consideration, the first thing about fashion…which is knowing your body type and what suits you.