Barr Tola Laurel

Tola Laurels is coined out of the name Adetola where laurels is another name for crown(Ade) hence TolaLaurels. A very open minded lady. A lawyer. A cosmetologist. A makeup artist. A dressmaker. A zealous Christian. An ambivert. A lady who loves her country dearly. A fierce and independent lady. A lady who loves to write and learn. Funny. A lady who believes in the happiness of all.


Writing about your feelings can help the brain overcome emotional ups and downs and leave you feeling happier. It has also been discovered that when people write about their feelings, medical scans showed that their brain activity matched that seen in volunteers who were consciously trying to control their emotions. As such, my diary is a compendium of everything, thoughts, feelings, knowledge, research, discoveries even jokes e..t.c This is what my blog is all about…