The Quintessential Woman

“She is a light that lights up everywhere whether with her smile, presence or action.”

Selflessly rooted in worthiness and uprightness, always with good intentions. Irreproachable and scrupulous, I am commendable, honourable, admirable and laudable – I am rare.

Picture credit: Unsplash

Precious and choice, solely incomparable, weigh beyond gold, treasured, extremely valuable, unquantifiable asset, of high quality – I am priceless.
I pitch my tent on honour, easily dependable, completely reliable. I am steady, solid, tried and true, my trust is without reserve, drench in truth and honesty – I am trustworthy.
I am a helpmate, I carry his responsibility on my shoulder, faithfully loving him, I help to accomplish his dreams – I am a wife
I carry a whole new generation inside of me effortlessly – I am a mother

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I am timeous, I hold my head high up, I wear my crown seamlessly – I am a queen

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I bear no grudges, never spiteful, hold no contempt, rich in forgiveness, generously embracing, inoffensive, non- violent, non- aggressive, full of peace, bringing in only good tidings, amicable and companionable – I am harmless.
Fiercely relentless, automatically adding value, commands productive change, naturally creative, I continually seek to make lives better, always prepared, vastly inclined, readily given to work, a go getter, a hard worker, and always prompt. I have eager hands, without slothfulness, fast thinking, highly resourceful, armed with necessary skills, industrious, shrewd with a great sense of judgment and so diligent – I am hardworking.
I put my house in order, with me there is no lack, I am synonymous to the merchant ships bringing great commodities to all around me, delivering exotic surprises and plentiful in treasure, provide from out-of-the-way- places – I am provident.
Filled with compassion, treating all equally, lifting others up, a positive changer, charitable, good-natured, harmonious hospitable, tender-hearted, clothed in warmness, wrapped in open-handedness – I am kind

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Full of divine wisdom, smart, articulate, earnest, business-minded, graciously intuitive, pro-active, calculative, multi-tasking, display aptitude, enriched in strength, lustiness is my middle name, blessed with vigour. An investor – I am relentless.

Profit oriented, productive, dealing in surplus, interest yielding, beneficially advantageous, excellent in carrying out great exploits, full of worth, always prepared for whatever lies ahead, diligent, always preoccupied, useful, great asset, filled with energy, I work into the night ensuring that the day is bright – I am a success story.

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Unafraid, highly courageous, deeply audacious, lion- hearted, unflinching, brave, undaunted, pre-emptive, unbothered, bold, full of foresight, considerable, problem solving, solution providing, innovative, endearing – I am versatile
Immense in class, impressively gorgeous, unapologetically sophisticated, stylish, enlightened, refined, advanced, intriguing – I am spontaneous
I bring honour to whoever I meet, I respect all, reverential, regardful – I am chivalrous
Always making provisions, with me everything is always set, and I deliver – I am organised
Foresight, hopeful, considerable, problem solving, solution providing, innovative, endearing optimism in quality, abundant in elegance, carved out of poise, exquisite – I am outstanding.

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I am God fearing. I am not perfect, but I am a quintessential woman.

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