Embrace your individuality: Rock that short hair.

Embrace your individuality: Rock that short hair.

Photocredit Unsplash
“The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. Jim Morrison”

We all experience that perfection obsession syndrome once a while. We want what we want and do everything possible to get it. Sometimes we can get it and other times we just cannot have it. There is nothing as beautiful as embracing what you cannot change and making the most out of it. This is my story now.
So many days, people will tell me, “your hair looks like rat ate it.”

“just cut this thing.” (my hair sob sob)

“hahahaha! Are trying to actually pack your hair into a bun?”

“Stop weaving the hair, use rubber thread on it instead, you can never be like us long haired.”you

The worst…

“your hair can never grow.”

I heard this almost every day, once I let my hair free for a while from tucking it under a wig or artificial weave. These people thought it was fun “stating the obvious” but I was deeply hurt by their remarks. I thought to myself “But I did not create myself.” I always dreaded exposing my “naked” hair to the prying and judgmental eyes of people.
Eventually, I gave in to the demand of people for my own hair. I cut it. I was quite relieved that cutting off the hair and grooming it all over again was what the hair needed for growth. (I did not quite understand that some people were created naturally short-haired.)

picture credit baldblackbeauties
The journey to the dream hair goals started and I was interested in any product anyone had to offer, to give me the  achievable or unachievable full, long and thick hair goals. Just tell me hey! This product works perfect in making your hair long, full and thick, voila! I have purchase it. Desperate uhm? I even had to endure the torturous unfriendly smell from some of the hair products I purchased. Each morning I went to my mirror, pulling my hair up almost out of my scalp to see if there were tremendous changes yet. My mind told me yes. Yes! your hair is growing long. (sarcasm!)


The most embarrassing of all experience of all is whenever, I styled my natural hair and packed it up into a bun, people mocked me, some even encourage me to keep grooming the hair since I just started it. No! I started it two solid years ago. Thank you!

My dream of getting a long, full and thick hair came to a full halt when a friend’s wife, who started her hair barely five months prior could style and pack her hair into a bun. Her hair was soft and thick. That day the scales fell of my eyes and I realized, this is not about the products I use, it is about nature, it is what it is, I have a short hair. She also added that she rarely makes use of any hair product. This only exacerbated the problem at hand.

Picture credit unsplash


An inspiration so overwhelming came to me to embrace my natural hair. This historical achievement of a lifetime (yes of course! It’s not every day you find people getting inspired to love every part of themselves regardless of any imperfection or investment that did not work) out) happened when I discovered I could cut and style my short hair into attractive styles without the need to hurt my scalp. I also discovered short hair suits my face.


Hey! If you have been grooming your hair for a long time and realize not much result has shown. Don’t get discouraged, not everyone is born with a hair that is eighteen inches and above. You can wear beautiful short hairstyles that enhances your facial structure and look exceptional.


Picture credit unsplash

Bottom line embrace your individuality. You are your own beautiful.


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