Many times in our quest for growth, greatness and fulfilling our destinies, there are some impediments or obstacles which make moving forward almost impossible. These things which pull us back, need to be shed in order for one to reach one’s ultimate goal.

The process of releasing ourselves from these unnecessary attachments and weight is what is called shedding.

Shedding literally refers to the act of detaching from and discarding the old body in favour of a new one. It means to be disconnected . The old body is one with so much weight and impediments and “slowers” attached which need to be dropped.
Now to the hypothetical situations; there are times when we find ourselves in toxic relationships, groups or an environment that are also injurious to our well being  mental wise, financial wise, psychological wise, these are embargo that will never allow you to come out to maximize your potentials and be the best you can be in your fullest glory.
Friendship wise… There are some frienships you have held on to for a long time that are nothing but weight and impediments to your life. You keep screaming “No new friends, no new friends” yet you hold on to old destructive friendships.

You accept any imperfections from toxic and destructive friendships as part of life, however, there is actually a thin line between imperfection and destruction. You can determine this by asking yourself “what do i gain?”. When you are always the giver in any type of relationship without any appreciation, then that relationship is toxic.

Friendship is a relationship between two people. One person’s 100% involvement cannot automatically amount to friendship. When you realize that a person does not contribute to your life in anyway then it is time to SHED that (friendship) weight.


Relationship wise…
All you do everyday in that relationship is to think low of yourself, try to think for the other person and fill a void left by that person. Always thinking of how to reduce your self worth in order to fit into what you think your partner wants.
If you are in such a relationship you need to SHED.


Unnecessary attachment to parents to the extent that they don’t believe that you can do things on your own and as such keep dictating to you and discarding your beliefs.
This sounds unbelievable but its true. You have to grow up you have to SHED that baby sense of thinking. I don’t mean cutting away from your parents but leaving that comfort zone and embrace the man or woman or lady that you are supposed to grow into. You are not a child anymore

Environment wise…
If You are in a place where negativity is the order of the day where all that happens is just bad news, bad reports, cold environment, hateful people even and you find yourself trying to hide your light instead of allowing your little light to shine, then it’s time you realize that place is changeable and you have to SHED. You have to move on.
Self shedding, the biggest…



You get to a point you have to think of yourself, your life “I am better than this” “i can do this” “I can achieve that” I can achieve whatever i set my mind to” That is the greatest Shedding you can go through.


The girl you look at in the mirror and you realize you are more than who you think you are, the person you are focused on can do and be better, then its time to break out of your comfort zone and become better now that is the greatest shedding.
You need to shed. Ask yourself, “This journey, is it one that will lead to my destination just make me walk aimlessly?”


Take away those unnecessary attachments.
setback…difficulty…problems…issues…snag…catch…hitch…stumbling block.


Focus on you,  be you and be better than the best.


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