FASHION 101:Knowing your body type


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Everybody talks about fashion, what to have, how to combine clothes, makeup, what’s trending and the must haves. However they don’t actually take into consideration, the first thing about fashion…which is knowing your body type and what suits you.
A lot of people want to look like the model in the magazine, believe they can own and ‘slay’ in any outfit, as long as they can afford it. No! You cannot ‘slay’ in every outfit.


One important rule of fashion;
You should wear what suits your body type, something that accentuates your look, at all times.
You should not put on what everyone is putting on simply because it is “trending”. There are many outfits I never owned because I know I’d look stupid in them.
A lot of people look weird because they are putting on something that doesn’t fit them.

Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash

Make up: Take for instance everybody has unique eyes and facial features. Some eyes are small and bright and require fuller lashes extension while some are big and require longer lashes extension. Now if for a big set of eyes you fixed short, pointy and thick lash extensions, you may not understand what you see when you look in the mirror. It is important to research on your type of face and find out the make up that suits you. If you’re not sure how to go about it, seek the opinion of an expert, it could be a friend who is very good with make up or a professional makeup artist.


People with full lips should wear a certain shade of lipstick just because they loved it on the model seen on lipstick packet. The lipstick should match or enhance your skin tone. The wrong shade could yield bad results. Instead, line the lips with a darker colour so as to moderate the fullness of the lips.
The eyebrows are another important aspect of makeup. Some brows look like they are about to jump out of the face and stab you. The shape of the face and natural arch of the eyebrows, should be taken into consideration when shaping them. Thick brows suit some people but overwhelms the face in others. This is the same with Sharply arched brows and straight brows. This will be discussed in detail in my next fashion post.


Now let us talk about the outfit…
Sistren, please and please when you want to buy any outfit do not purchase with the mind set of looking like the model who put it on or because that is what is trending. You might end up as a meme and the object of many social media debates.
Some people may be trying to achieve the  “fierce” or “edgy”look  and in the process, end up looking like a hot mess. I won’t even go into the cases of people trying to squeeze into an outfit 2-3 sizes small [to the point of suffocation] just because it looks nice.

What's your body type?

What do I actually mean about knowing your body type?
People come in different shapes and sizes. Putting on the dress you saw on a skinny model during a Victoria Secret fashion show or at Lagos Fashion Week may not suit you if you’re on the bigger or voluptuous side.
You see an outfit worn by Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, at the premiere of her movie and being a female on the straight/skinny side, you want the same look…that might be a bad idea.


Don’t try to look fierce and end up looking like fried rice because of all the green and yellow. Colours matter a lot. It’s not a bad idea to seek a second opinion from time to time when selecting the perfect outfit. Your tailor may not always be your best friend. Fashion does not have to be uncomfortable. Always pick outfits that are actually your size.


That outfit Omotola is rocking can come in another design that suits you perfectly.
Appreciate good advice and constructive criticism and not negative malicious ones.
Eat healthy so that you wouldnt end up with folds and exercise as often as you can, 10-15mins a day is a good start.

Recreate the outfits you have or want to buy to fit into your body type and you my dear are good to go.


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  1. MUBO says:

    Heyyy this was really informative; great work

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    1. tolalaurel says:

      Thanks a lot for the support!


  2. Olah Akins says:

    Nice one dear…keep up with the good works

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    1. tolalaurel says:

      Thank you so much!


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