Consequences: A Tale of Love gone wrong


“Toyin, that boy is up to no good,” zoe told her friend Toyin.

“Someone who has not even seen you or even asked you out yet and he insults you for fun” Zoe added.

“hmmm” was all Toyin could say, all the while thinking to herself that her friend might be right.

“infact I am no longer talking to him again,deleting his number straight off” she quickly added.

Although Toyin sounded convincing this time, nonetheless, Zoe had heard that before. She accepted Toyin’s words. There was a short period of silence and they both slept off.

Three months later at Zoe’s house, Toyin, Faith and Zoe were together, chatting and laughing.  

“Ehen girls…I was talking to my boyfriend the other day and he was like Dubai is really okay…better than Austria sef” Toyin blurted out

“Excuse me? Sorry? Am I missing something? Boyfriend? Who?! When?!” Zoe blurted out in surprise.

Toyin replied,” Yes, Nuel of course” looking rather unbothered.

“Faith, please help me listen to this story o, if a guy that you have not even physically seen not to talk of started dating yet, calls you stupid, do you ever for one second think that he could make a good boyfriend?” Zoe turned to Faith in bewilderment.

“No!”Faith stated emphatically.

“But Toyin, why are you so stubborn like this? Why is it that …”

Unfortunately, before Zoe could finish, Toyin interrupted,

“It is okay, we are not here to discuss about me. Fine! I understand you are just being a good friend and you care, but this is my life, he is a very good guy, he begged me and he even talked about coming to meet my parents, guys I am talking about a prospective marriage here. Please be happy for me. Unless of course, this is jealousy talking.” She turned to Zoe.

Photo credit: DiariVeu – via / CC BY-NC-SA

“Jealous ke?” Zoe asked, surprised that Toyin could utter such a statement.

“yes, jealous” Toyin replied.

“Toyin, you know that you and stupid decisions are like 5 and 6, you have allowed the idea of wedding to cloud your judgement of marriage, besides, how can you just go about saying yes to the first guy who shows even the slightest interest in marrying you? Why are you so dumb?! A random Facebook guy you met three months ago is already your boyfriend and is already talking about marriage? The same guy who has the guts to insult you because you did not reply his message on time… when will you start using your brain?!” Zoe blurted out angrily.

“Oh really? It has gotten to that abi? Because I confided in you and you gave me little advice, I no longer have a brain abi?” Toyin  retorted, no longer contain herself.

Seeing that Toyin was not going back on her decision and that the situation was getting out of hand, Zoe decided to wave the peace flag.

“Alright I am sorry, I did not mean to say you have no brain, I am just concerned for you. You know I’m saying this out of love…oya…I am sorry” Zoe apologized.

“Whatever” Toyin replied, rolling her eyes

“Okay…okay, let us all calm down, this juice wont drink itself o” Faith chipped in.

Toyin and Zoe made up and the fun and chat continued.

Photo credit: State Farm via Visualhunt / CC BY

JUNE 19 1:00 AM

Zoe’s phone rung.

“Hello” Zoe answered, groggy from sleep.

“Babe! Babe!! Babe!!! you would not believe what just happened! Nuel just proposed!!! On my birthday!” Toyin screamed over the phone.

“Oh …yeah, that’s true…It’s your birthday…was planning on calling you in the morning. Happy birthday darl”  Zoe finally found her voice.

“Ahn Ahn is that all you got from everything I said?” Said Toyin.

“Darling,I am sorry, I’m still very sleepy, that’s all. Happy engagement dear” Zoe replied

“Oh thank you! thank you! The dates will be fixed and you are going to be my assistant Chief Brides Maid’ Toyin said excitedly.

“Plus you and Faith definitely have to come help me pick my Wedding dress and every other thing” she quickly added.

“Alright babe” Zoe said excited for her friend yet indifferent.

“Thanks babe, so sorry for disturbing your sleep, I’m sure you don’t mind, anyhow sha, I’ll talk to you later” Toyin said.

“Sure, It’s not a problem at all” Zoe replied rolling her eyes.

“Oh and one more thing…” Toyin added.

“What?” Zoe asked.

“I AM GETTING MARRIED!!!” Toyin screamed


“This Sunday service was power packed, thank God I did not miss it o” Zoe said

“Me too” Tonka added in

“ I felt this peace and lightness, it was really a good experience” Zoe said.

“How won’t you feel peace and lightness when your fiancé was the guest pastor?” Tonka giggled, making fun of Zoe.

“Hahaha! you are not serious” Zoe replied. While they were both laughing about it, a call came in…


“ Hey babe, what’s up?” Zoe asked excitedly.

“You need to come get me now or I will be dead soon!” Toyin cried out.

Photo credit: dualdflipflop via Visualhunt / CC BY

“Excuse me? Sorry…what’s going on? You know what/// just hold it right there I am coming” Zoe replied confused and very worried.

“He is going to kill me! I should have listened to you, I should have listened to Pastor Kayode when he said he saw darkness all around me, I should have not…” and the phone line went dead…

“Oh my God!!! Hello! Toyin! Hello! Hello!” fearful, Zoe exclaimed.

“what is going on?” Yinka asked, looking very confused.

“I have to leave ASAP, I will see you later” Zoe dashed out even before Yinka could respond.

The sight was horrible to behold not even a condemned criminal should be allowed to see such gory sight as punishment.


Toyin’s lifeless body was on the floor, her blood all over like a mini ocean. It was so terrible that Zoe almost passed out. At that very moment, Zoe lost it…screaming, shouting and kicking unfortunately, this could not just bring Toyin back; right then in a single flashback, Zoe remembered all her warning and admonisions, which fell on deaf ears.

“Did you have to die to learn? She muttered.

In tears, Zoe asked, “Why do I always have to be the one to clean up the mess you leave behind? Why?why? Why!!!!”

About two hours later, the police arrived with Nuel arrested and cuffed. Nuel had been arrested after seeing lot of blood on him and subsequently after interrogating him during which he confessed.

Zoe would have literally torn him into pieces but for the detectives who stopped her.

Photo credit: Alesa Dam via / CC BY-NC-SA

That evening as Zoe sat on the floor replaying the past events in her head and the horrible scene before her that evening, she heard voices in her head saying “Please share my story…let someone learn”

She realized at that moment that she had to say it all.

Ladies we are created to be loved and adored by men… by our husbands. Which is why we were created from the most delicate part of man, the rib. If you acquaint yourself with the book of the songs of Solomon you will understand this.

However, it is the nature of man to be a hunter. They see women as a game to be hunted down and kept personally for them. They devour and devour and once the game is no longer consumable they go for the next kill.

It is a deep rooted understanding of the creation of woman by God that a woman is created to be adored and treated as priceless, that will enable a man realize and understand the value of a woman.

How can a man who claims to love a woman, beat her to an unrecognizable state?

Women should not take signs and warning of potential domestic violence with levity, be mindful of how he treats other people especially his workers and the less privileged. No matter how long a man plays the perfect gentleman, his true character will manifest one day. It is hard for anybody, man or woman, to pretend for long. Women should never disregard their instincts, intuition or guts.

If a relationship is destructive, dysfunctional, or unhealthy, a lot of the time, the best path is separation not marriage.


Many women have fallen prey because they fail to leave when necessary. Do you have to shed your blood before you leave?

Photo credit: Greens MPs via / CC BY-NC-ND

Do you have to be physically, mentally, spiritually, psychologically, emotionally, financially bruised before you take a bow and leave?

Do you have to lose your life, so that the man will walk over your grave to the church where he uis getting married again and again?

Choose and tread wisely.


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